— Downstairs Stage —
12:50-1:15PM Future Loves Past
1:30-1:55PM Big Harp
2:10-2:35PM Bad//Dreems
2:50-3:15PM Delta Riggs
3:30-3:55PM Liam Bailey
4:10-4:35PM Go Back To The Zoo
4:50-5:15PM Monomyth
5:30-5:55PM Dune Rats

— Upstairs Stage —
12:30-12:55PM Monokino
1:10-1:35PM Eden Mulholland
1:50-2:15PM Hundreds
2:30-2:55PM Go Wolf
3:10-3:35PM Lydia Ainsworth
3:50-4:15PM Gossling
4:30-4:55PM Lay Low
5:10-5:35PM Taymir